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Architectural Facade Supply & Install

While the foundation will always be the most important part of a structure, the facade comes in a close second. The facade protects the building and the occupants from the elements as well as being the first thing you see when you come home or the first impression a potential customer gets of your business.

Thus, it is very important that when a facade is being designed it has two key components:

Shoot Installers Inc. is here to provide both requirements to property owners, general-contractors, architects, and designers in Brooklyn and the surrounding area.

Why Choose Shoot Installers Inc?

Besides being specialists in the field that both supply and install facades and roofing, one of our key attributes is our problem solving skills, which can be best exemplified by how we became who we are today.

Many years ago, we were contacted by a company to see if we could do a job that 6 other construction companies had rejected. The difficulty with the project was that the insulated metal panels for the façade were either improperly ordered or there was a mistake in delivery. The sizes were wrong, the corners did not match and the basic dimensions of the panels did not meet the needs of the project. This was true for roughly 50% of the material.

After taking full stock of the situation, we put our heads together and were able to figure out a way for the project to be completed with the available equipment. After we had completed the job, we understood that what was needed is a façade installation company that was also a supplier, ensuring that situations such as this would not happen again. Thus, Shoot Installers Inc. came to be.

Facade Installation Services

As a facade completely covers a residential, commercial or industrial building, we like to refer to our services as providing a complete envelope for a structure. This means that we provide far more services than just installing panels and siding. Here is a brief description of the construction work we provide Brooklyn and the surrounding areas.

Waterproofing Service: to properly protect an interior it must be kept dry. Our packages include 100% weather-tight applications on the substrate behind the panels or siding we install. There are a number of different waterproofing systems that we can customize to meet the needs of the project.

Roofing: The façade of a structure is not just its exterior walls. From liquid or rubber roofing, shingles, pavers, metal roofing, Shoot Installers can do all of these and more.

Window installation: Whether a traditional window installation or curtain walls, we use methods and materials designed to undercut heat transfer and protect the building’s interior.

Siding and panel installation: the heart of our company. We prep the area, plan and execute sub-frames with extreme precision, and install the material of your choosing. We are very meticulous in our measurements and methodology to ensure that a panel or siding is plumbed, squared and levelled perfectly. Some of the materials we are most frequently called upon to install are:

  • Aluminum panels
  • Aluminum composite panels
  • Insulated metal panels
  • Fiber cement panels
  • Wooden Siding

We can install almost any material on the market today. If you would like more information on any of the services we provide, please give us a call or send us an email.